With the warmer weather just around the corner, it’s a great time to get out in the sunshine and potter about in the garden. more time at our own place of residence has been both a challenge and a blessing, with many of us opting to create beautiful spaces within our own homes to enjoy during these difficult times. But why stop at the internal spaces?

If you are looking for some inspiration this spring, read on for some ideas and projects which you can get busy with at home to create your ultimate backyard paradise, perfect for lazy weekends in the sun.


Bringing a balanced flow between indoors and outdoors has always been popular in Australia but no longer do we stand around the 3-legged barbeque cooking snags. Our climate and active lifestyle have resulted in the creation of full kitchen and dining rooms right at our backdoor. Adding smokers, pizza ovens, bar fridges and 12-seater tables to our patio seems almost normal now. Opting for clever integrated heating and cooling solutions will make your space a year-round attraction.


With many new homes being built on smaller blocks tiny gardens are a big deal. High on the list of must-haves in these small lot homes are built-in storage solutions that double as outdoor furniture, vertical edible gardens, large canopy trees to cover entire yards, topiary screens and you guessed it, hanging planter baskets.

White wall with tree leaf on the wall


For something a little different why not try planting out a monochrome colour palette with your annuals and perennials. This year white gardens are expected to be right high on the list of outdoor trends. Giving garden furniture, the work shed and ornaments a splash of white paint, paired with white flowering plants at different heights will give your backyard a fresh feel with neutral balance to suit most homes.


Are you lucky enough to have some extra backyard space? Chickens and vegetable gardens have made a significant come back. This trend is set to continue as many of us endeavour to become more self-sufficient and conscious of how we can lessen our impact on the world. Take a modern spin on this trend and into the ultimate holiday at home by planting citrus trees and splurge on an olive tree. Lush Mediterranean style is most definitely IN.


Some may mistake wild gardens as a trend built on laziness, but there is more to this increasingly popular style than meets the eye. If you love the farm house, modern barn or Hamptons feel, keep reading. By layering a collection of differing flora and textures in the form of cobbled paths you can create a free form garden complete with bird feeders, beehives and wildflower turf to bring a warm countryside happiness into the suburbs. Lay your favourite rug down and your favourite treats or beverage and you’ve got yourself a relaxing weekend get away without even leaving your home.


Suitable for both small and large outdoor spaces, a lush tropical garden is versatile enough to suit ultra-modern homes and the beautiful big Queenslander types. The best part about this style is that many of the plants used can also be planted in pots, which means, with the right species of plant you can place arrangements in a pool area, BBQ area and even indoors to carry the theme throughout your home. Think giant birds of paradise, Monstera, Xanadu and Elephant Ears.

colorful flower in the garden


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