Did you know that in 2020 alone, over 3,000 Australians passed away from breast cancer, including 33 males and 2997 females. To add to this, Covid-19 has had drastic impacts on vital research with 9 out of 10 researchers anticipating setbacks of 12 months to recover from the effects of the pandemic. Regardless, research must go on in order to detect tumours earlier, improve outcomes and ultimately save lives, while the National Breast Cancer Foundations mission remains: Zero Deaths from Breast Cancer by 2030.

With so many lives impacted by breast cancer every year, it is easy to see why Adenbrook Homes renewed their pledge to raise funds as part of their Corporate Partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. “As an organisation, there is nothing more important to us than giving back to our community and being part of a bigger picture that makes a genuine difference in the lives of others.”

In 2020, the team at Adenbrook Homes combined their efforts to raise over $25,000 during the Go Pink month in June. The team took to colouring or shaving their hair, wearing pink, getting styled up in pink makeup, completing a running or sit-up challenge and much more. Whatever pledge each team member took, you could be 100% certain that we did GO PINK!

This year, we will again embarked on a journey to again raise much needed funds for this incredible cause. It was clear from the outset that people across our nation were still struggling from the impact that Covid-19 has had, mentally, emotionally and financially. We did our best throughout the month of June to raise money, with team members running or walking to raise money, people setting weight-loss goals and others simply dressing up their dogs in pink to raise awareness. We did everything we could as a business and are proud to announce that we raised $12,551 to go straight to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

We are pleased to once again support such a worthy cause that really does impact so many people every year. 



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