Rise of the Home Office


Our lives are no longer ruled by the 9 to 5, with many Australians already making the move to work from home. Covid-19 has undoubtedly forced changes into the way we live and work. Prior to the pandemic, commercial office spaces were regarded highly for their productivity, improved company culture and their star power – showing off the success of the business by the space a company has secured as their Head Quarters.

Figures recorded since May 2020, have shown that almost half, (46%), of the Australian workforce were predominantly working from home. Prior to the pandemic, this figure sat at around 12%. Welcome, the ‘Rise of the Home Office’. As infrastructure has grown to support a workforce at home, it has paved the way for employers to ditch the big commercial office space and allow employees to avoid public transport and escape the need to commute to the shared office space on a daily basis. Adenbrook Homes offer many home designs which include a spacious study or study nook. Explore the practical Baywood, award-winning Heydon and popular Sapphire home designs which feature a dedicated study or home office. You can also find quirky study nooks in our Indigo, Iluka, Fraser and Sorrento home designs. These designs are only to name a few, we offer plenty of options.

The ‘Work from Home’ trend has created the opportunity for families to invest in a ‘Sea Change’, (not the 90’s TV show but) the move to rural and coastal areas, which have seen an increase in growth in migration since the beginning of the pandemic. Since June 2020 there have been over 1,899 applications for the HomeBuilder scheme in NSW, 2,904 applications in Queensland, and 4,118 in Victoria which is a driving force behind registered land selling out in record time. Australians have a desire to revel in the great outdoors, bask in beautiful weather and enjoy scenic outlooks without the risk of lockdowns.

Adenbrook Homes have builders across the South East Queensland, Northern Rivers and Tweed, Mid-North Coast, Greater Sydney, Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Melbourne who are ready to help you into your new home!

Reflecting on the change in day to day lifestyle has opened the opportunity for many Australians to spruce up their home office, making a dedicated ‘Work Space or Work Station’, to reduce the amount of time spent commuting. Productivity is often increased in a home office, as there are limited distractions, and increased sense of motivation to get projects completed.

Our ‘Top Tips’ for the ultimate home office:

  • Get Comfortable – make sure your computer screen isn’t set-up somewhere that will strain your eyes.
  • Posture is Important – invest in a quality ergonomic desk chair and be sure to get up and move regularly.
  • To Do Lists – Write down all your key tasks in order of priority to ensure you are working with purpose.
  • Dress to Impress – It’s important to dress the room and yourself for success! Start each day with a routine as if you were going into the office, hang some artwork you like which will help to keep yourself happy and motivated in your space.

Speak to one of our new home advisors to discuss which Home Design would suit your land, location and lifestyle.

*Figures provided by ABS Statistics https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/people/people-and-communities/household-impacts-covid-19-survey/latest-release


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