Rattan, yes, it is unabatingly back in fashion and making a stylish comeback at that. Pronounced ‘Ruh-tan’, it is a material, unlike wicker, which is a style and method of weaving. At the forefront of current design is a fascination with texture and connection with natural and grounding features and as such, rattan has quickly become a hot item to style any outdoor and indoor spaces. Rattan is a sustainable and a naturally renewable palm that grows in the tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australasia and can be used to produce a number of items from furniture to handicrafts, pot plant holders, table mats, wall hangings and more. It is an incredibly fast-growing plant. The palm’s outer layer is peeled off and used to create wicker products while the core is a highly flexible and durable material used to create furniture of unique shapes and comfort.

Don’t worry if you’re at a loss as to how to include beautiful rattan in your home décor, in our latest edition of Be Inspired we cover off on some simple ideas of how to make the most of this earthy feature. Rattan is incredibly versatile and can be found in furniture, mirror frames, bed heads, chairs and lampshades just to name a few.

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Succulents are some of the toughest survivors in the plant kingdom and therefore are great for those serial plant killers and Australia’s harsh, summer weather. Plus, they can have an extremely unique aesthetic. ‘Succulent’ comes from the Latin term ‘Sucus’ for juice or sap.

They have thick and fleshy leaves, stems and roots that efficiently store water which is how they endure hot, dry climates and poor soils. Succulents cover a broad range of plants, and they came in various shapes and sizes. Given their toughness and hardiness, succulents are an easy enough plant to include in your indoor or outdoor space, however, it wouldn’t hurt to have some handy tips and tricks to ensure you get to enjoy your succulents at their very best.

In addition to these benefits, they look great, and some have spectacular flowers. Until you develop your green thumb, here is how to care for your succulent and reap the satisfaction of having a humble, modest plant thriving in your home office, bedroom or living room.

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• 1kg prawns buttlerflied + skin on
• 1 heaped tspn salt
• Lime/Lemon to taste
• 1 tspn crushed green chillies – optional
• 2 heaped tspn crushed garlic
• 3/4 cup of milk powder
• 100g or more if you like butter
• bunch of coriander – optional


Mix salt, milk powder, 1 tspn garlic crushed, green chillies and some lime/lemon juice into a thick paste – add a little water
to make it more spreadable.
Put a teaspoon of this marinade on the meat of the prawn, let it sit for a few hours in the fridge.
BBQ the prawns shell side down till they are beautifully orange and the flesh is cooked well.
Next place butter in a saucepan and melt on low so it retains its creamy colour, stir a little green chillies, 1 tspn crushed
garlic and lemon juice to taste. You can also stir in some chopped coriander into this sauce. Once the prawns are grilled
and just before your ready to serve them up, pour the buttery, flavourful sauce all over the prawns generously.
Your guests will be very impressed!

Recipe courtesy of Shakila Latif.


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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the norms of life beyond anything we could have imagined. For many, spending time at home has caused a re-evaluation of their surroundings and their living spaces, resulting in major renovations, new paint, and updated décor. As we spend more time at home, we want to create spaces that connect with nature and boost our well-being, and one way to do this is bring the indoors out and vice versa. Designed and styled correctly, your outdoor space could become the most treasured room of your home. The alfresco area is now a room of necessity.

Over the last decade or so, the typical Australian alfresco area has morphed from the simple round barbeque and fold-out seating on the lawn, to the next level of cosy outdoor lounges, full dining areas and outdoor kitchens for budding chefs. Some now include wood fired pizza ovens, gourmet smokers and state of the art, multifunction barbeques. We are now prioritising our entertaining areas and utilising seamless looks to create flow between indoor and outdoor living spaces. People are pushing for less garden and larger decking or floored spaces for multipurpose uses such as exercise, yoga or reading nooks. A multifaceted alfresco space is now a requirement and not a luxury.

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