Knockdown Rebuild

Knockdown Rebuild

Build your dream home right where you live.

You love your location – the community, the friendly neighbourhood, the nearby school, and even the local cafe for your morning coffee.

You’d rather not move. Although your home needs a major renovation.
It doesn’t fit your growing family or current lifestyle.

Is it time you started afresh and built your dream home?
Let us create a home you’ll love for years to come.

Why knockdown and rebuild?

There’s a number of reasons why knockdown rebuild could be the best option for you:

You’re happy where you live. The family is settled in local schools, sports clubs, and your friends live in the area. Moving elsewhere would be a major disruption. Your home is also in need of a lot of TLC and structural changes. Starting from scratch and building from the ground up can be more affordable. It also ensures you get exactly what you’ve always wanted.

Investing in a newly built home now will immediately increase the value of your house and land. It’s a long-term investment that will pay off both now (in the immediate benefits to your family) and in the long term. Selecting high-quality inclusions and investing in quality materials means you’ll save on costly maintenance in the years to come. There are a range of costs that need to be considered and our Adenbrook team will happily walk you through them.

Take advantage of your land size by building a home that matches your family’s lifestyle – with extra bedrooms, another living space, bathrooms, and space for another car or two. Many new homes are also built on smaller blocks of land which means you’d need to sacrifice your outdoor space. It’s also increasingly difficult to find land, unless you’re willing to move further away from city areas. When you knockdown and rebuild you can keep the backyard, building up or designing a home that ensures the games of cricket or backyard cartwheels can continue.

There’s nothing like walking into your brand new home. One that you designed to match your lifestyle – perfectly. When you build your own home from scratch, you choose the façade, the fittings, inclusions, features and interior styling. It’s like a fresh canvas just waiting for your personal touch. You can design a home that meets all your needs, and expresses your unique style. It will be your very own home for years to come, a place to create many more memories.

Knockdown Rebuild Process

The thought of knocking down your existing home and rebuilding might seem daunting.

However, with Adenbrook, we turn big projects into simple step by step processes. Our team will guide you through each step, making it far easier and stress-free.


Initial Consultation

We’ll discuss your location, land,  lifestyle and explore our range of award-winning designs and façade options. We’ll outline the process and steps to make your dream home a reality.  


Preliminary Site Assessment

We evaluate your contour surveys and other plans relevant to your property. This review will allow us to document your choices, preferences and provide an initial quote and preliminary agreement which requires the payment of a deposit.


Detailed Assessment & Proposal

Our team of experts will complete a more detailed assessment of your block, review soil tests if applicable, provide preliminary plans and relevant searches that may impact on your build. This includes Council Development Constraints and Complying Development Certificates. You’ll also receive a new home proposal that just needs your sign of approval to get everything started.


Finalise Contracts & Colours

It’s time to make it official! Once you have approved the proposal we can organise final documentation, book you in for your colour selection and sign your new home contract. Once we have a contract in place, we’ll lodge building plans for approval, book in trades and organise materials to get your build started as quickly as possible. 


Action – Let’s Make it Happen

Once building plans are approved and the demolition of the previous structure is complete, we’re ready to start the new build. You’re just a few months away from securing the ultimate homeowner trifecta – Location, Lifestyle and Dream Home. Congratulations!

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