With temperatures starting to rise, it is probably the right time to start thinking about your cooling options available at Daikin. The risks of hot weather are getting higher all around the world and the Australian Medical Association has warned that ‘heat’ is a quiet but rapidly growing killer, as each year more lives are lost to it than the annual road toll. As global warming becomes an increasing problem, heatwaves are expected to get hotter and more intense. Not only must we look to changing our behaviour that causes global warming but we must also learn to adapt to the changing world and keep our homes cool in the summer for the comfort and well-being of our families.

Choose a Daikin ducted system for the most efficient and quality cooling. Recently Daikin launched AirHub Touch Zone Controller with its contemporary design, intuitive controls and innovative features it offers you flexibility with precise temperature control providing the ultimate comfort to each corner of your home.

Designed in Australia, it allows homeowners to achieve ultimate comfort when and where it is more needed in their homes. The modern design incorporates a 7” colour resistive touch screen interface housed in a contemporary casing with a matte white finish that can be flush mounted 11mm off the wall for a clean, minimalistic aesthetic.

Read more about zone control using the new Daikin Air Hub system in the latest edition of Be Inspired.


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