Does your home have growing pains?

After spending what seemed like an eternity in our humble abodes throughout 2020 on account of the pandemic, many of us found ourselves evaluating the functionality, practically and suitability of our homes. While we certainly cherished the time we got to spend at home with our loved ones, many Aussies were hit with the realisation that their home was no longer meeting their needs and found themselves asking the question, have we outgrown our home? Well, you can bet that your cousin who drew the short straw and was stuck sitting on the esky at the kids table for Christmas lunch will certainly agree that you have!

For those who are not quite convinced, some telltale signs that you have outgrown your home include the feeling like you have no separation or privacy to take time out for peace and quiet, your cabinets still feel cluttered after your annual spring clean or you cannot effectively manage the new norm of working from home due to a lack of study space. All of these and more can be great indicators that you need to start planning for a better future at home.

Whether your household comprises young children, a corporate couple, elderly parents that need higher levels of care, or beloved fur-babies – each home needs to deliver unique functionality specific to those who reside within. Luckily Adenbrook Homes have a diverse collection of home designs for all stages of life from punchy and petite home designs for the first home buyer, to larger sprawling acreage-style homes, dual-living options, and even granny-flats for those needing extra space. Our award-winning home designs are carefully appointed affording versatility to adapt to different family units and suit changes as the family shrinks or grows.

When it comes to planning your dream home there are many factors to consider such as how many children you have (or plan on having), whether you want to host regular guests, or accommodate live-in extended family or even if you need a big backyard so your fur-baby has room to play. Each of these factors will guide your decisions throughout the building process and with the support of the Adenbrook Homes team you can be confident you will get a solution that will work for you and your family for years to come.

Join us as we celebrate 20 years industry excellence and find out why the big brand, local builder experience has resulted in so many quality builds and happy customers across Australia!


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