Vibrant and joyous hues of Dulux Celery Green, Pink Papaya, and Harmonious are set to energise interiors. As the last of the winter chill heads out the front door, it’s time to invite summer in by taking up the paintbrush and getting creative with Dulux’s summer-inspired Wonder palette – one of three palettes from the Dulux Colour Forecast 2022.

Summer colour tips from Dulux’s Colour Expert: Andrea Lucena-Orr

  • If you want to add even a small amount of colour to give your room a more ‘summery’ feel, try adding one colour in a wall nook or on the wall behind your bed. Another way to add a quick and easy pop of colour and create positive change is painting your front door – you’d be surprised at what a difference it can make to the look and feel of your home.
  • Before you start painting, it’s crucial when selecting colours for walls or soft furnishings that you consider other fixtures and fittings in your space that you can’t change easily – it might be carpet, tiles, laminate or stone, and/or curtains and blinds that you will need to ensure work with the new colour(s) chosen.
  • If you’ve been inspired to transform your home using the Dulux Summer colours simply order an A4 sticker or Sample Pot from dulux.com.au to confirm your chosen colour(s) in your space, allowing for viewing these colours in your home’s conditions such as lighting and surrounding colours.

Read more about Dulux’s summer trend predictions in the latest edition of Be Inspired.


##Dulux Summer Trends 2021/22

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