It is time to celebrate for the Greater Sydney and Wollongong teams as they achieve a very special milestone in the form of their 10th Anniversary. The business has come a long way since humble beginnings when business owner, Daniel Galea decided to take his business to the next level and shift from a small renovations and custom builder to join the reputable Adenbrook Homes franchise network.

Daniel’s career had humble beginnings, leaving school after completing his school certificate at almost 16 years old and with much excitement and anticipation starting an apprenticeship as a carpenter where he predominantly built frames and eaves. Upon completion of his apprenticeship, Daniel spent several years contracting his carpentry services where he was able to gain great experience, further his knowledge of the mechanics of building a home and overall honing his craft and building his own business. It was 11 years ago that Daniel felt the frustration of having all the practical knowledge but not having the systems and processes in place to really execute on site what his clients wanted in terms of communications and outcomes.

Around this time of frustration and uncertainty, Daniel remembers discussions he had with a mate of his, John Castellano who was working for a market leading land developer at the time. John encouraged him to pursue support for the administration and systems side of the business leaving Daniel empowered to focus on what he does best which was the construction function. Ironically, many years later John joined Daniel’s business in partnership to expand into the Wollongong region.

It was around this time of frustration that Daniel came across Adenbrook Homes, a franchise network that offered franchisees systems, processes, support and a network of like-minded professionals that could enhance your overall business functionality while not taking away the hands on building experience. Upon meeting with the leadership team from Adenbrook Homes, Daniel was confident that this was the opportunity he was looking for and took that leap of faith to join the network.

Since that time 10 years ago, Daniel has built an empire across the Greater Sydney and Wollongong regions, building over 100 homes per year and employing over 30 staff members and providing employment to many contractors across the region. Daniel and John alongside Shanaka De Silva work together to provide clients with a superior customer experience, a high quality build that represents great value for money while always focusing on how they can improve their business to exceed customer expectations.

Congratulations to the Greater Sydney and Wollongong team on your 10 Year Anniversary and we look forward to watching your business continue to go from strength to strength over the next decade.

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