Harness the power of solar energy

As Aussies brace for another Summer of record-breaking temperatures and increased storms due to the La Nina weather event, there is increased pressure on our power grids to keep up with demand.  Solar Power has become increasingly popular in Australian homes, as we focus on what we can do to make our homes more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. In fact, as many as almost 100,000 Solar Batteries have been installed in Australian homes since 2017.  More than 2.5 million Australian homes have rooftop solar power installed.

The introduction of Smart Inverters and Smart Batteries has given homeowners the option to store, generate and even sell their own power.  Harnessing ever-evolving technology, solar power continues to give homeowners more choice and control over their energy usage.

Renewable energy is fast becoming an essential in the modern Australian lifestyle.  Small-scale solar panels (such as those found on residential roofs) limit the need to transfer energy through large costly electrical infrastructure. Although solar does not produce electricity all the time, it produces power when its most needed.

Figures provided by Bradford Energy and Clean Energy Council:



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