Adenbrook Homes Hawkesbury Blue Mountains turns 1!

Paul and Shelley James are the faces behind the Adenbrook Homes brand in the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains region and we are excited to be celebrating their 1st year anniversary.

Raising their four kids in the local area, Paul and Shelley are the epitome of local builders enjoying the support of the big brand network. Much has happened in the 1st year for these savvy business owners but all experience has led the James’ to the position they currently are as a driving force in the local new home market.

They say timing is everything however in this instance, Paul and Shelley have shown that it is about persistence, customer service and sheer determination above anything else. Joining the Adenbrook Homes network in early 2020, Paul and Shelley James were excited about their new venture and what was in store for them in the year ahead. Little did they know they were about to experience unprecedented trials, challenges and adversity and overcome the unthinkable in their very first year of business.

From late 2019 to February 2020 Australia experienced what has become known as the Black Summer where 24 million hectares of land was burnt, 3000 homes destroyed and three billion animals were killed or displaced. Thirty-three people died including six Australian firefighters and three American aerial firefighters. The massive Gospers Hill fire in the Blue Mountains region burned about 500,000 hectares which equates to almost 80% of their rainforests and world heritage areas leaving the region decimated and in complete disbelief.

As fire crews managed to get the fires under control, residents from the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains region were hit with a deluge of the heaviest rain experienced in over 30 years that led to flash flooding, forcing locals to be evacuated and thousands left without power. While the rains were pivotal in putting an end to the Black Summer bushfires it was clear at this time that locals needed to work together to rebuild and reunite a region overwhelmed by mother nature.

Not long after the devastating effects of floods and fires, Australia was hit with another health and economic setback in the form of the Covid-19 virus that threatened to shut down businesses and destroy the livelihoods of many Aussies as we became unable to work, travel and were forced into lockdowns.

Paul and Shelley seemed to face one hurdle after another yet they did not waiver in their focus on building their business, making their mark and surviving what many would have simply said was just too hard. Remaining eternally positive and keeping a strong local focus they have risen above every challenge that has come their way and are excited about the silver lining. The dynamic duo successfully navigated their way through several builds with handovers on the horizon, they have successfully opened a showroom in Windsor and have just appointed their first team member who will play the role of site supervisor so Paul and Shelley can remain focused on helping people create their dream home in the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains region.

We would like to congratulate Paul and Shelley and wish them a smoother 2021 knowing without a doubt that nothing can stop them! Check out Paul and Shelley’s profile and find out more about your local builder on our website and find out more about how they can help you build your dream home, particularly if you are considering building in a region that is prone to bushfires or in an area that is conducive to flash flooding. Paul and Shelley have a thorough knowledge of Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) ratings and flood zones ensuring your home is the safest it can be in more challenging build regions.


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