Drawn from the earth these warm saturated hues not only reflect elements of nature, but the influence of the feminine on colour directions.

As the world becomes a place of uncertainty, we look to earthy colours to ground us. Our homes need to provide a place of safety & calm and work spaces are being designed to feel more like home and provide the same sense of security. In our homes we are ‘cocooning’ adding layers of tonal colour and leaning towards warm hues that add to the cosy mood. The enveloping saturated hues in the new Laminex Colour Collection are perfect to create immersive interiors in which we can find a sense of comfort through the warmth of rich colour.

“Warm colours can evoke a sense of security and nurturing.”

– Bree Leech, Trend forecaster and interior designer.

We are in a time where the feminine influence has been in focus, the colours that have emerged have been traditionally related to feminine energy and evoke a sense of nurture, comfort and certainty. With a move towards brown based pinks such as Laminex Porcelain Blush, these soft tones work beautifully alongside the more earthy hue groups.

Together the reassuring colour palette represents a move towards optimism while still creating a feeling of security, they are uplifting colours full of warmth and provide a look that reflects our current mood – that we all want to feel safe and secure.

“Layering warm hues creates an immersive interior perfect for cocooning.” – Bree Leech, Trend forecaster and interior designer.

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