At Adenbrook Homes we call our Knockdown Rebuilds, Knockdown Dream Builds. Why Dream Build?

Well, with a renovation you are constrained in what you can achieve, there could be service point issues, load bearing structures to contend with and the layout you can achieve just might not meet your lifestyle.

Another option might be selling up and relocating to a new estate but with a shortage of registered land this is getting harder. If you sell, you still have to buy and the market is hot!

Did you know that the average house price increased by more than 25% year on year in Australia during 2021, and now sits at more than $1M?


However, it’s not all bad news because the increase in equity you’ve built up in your property might make now the best time to create your dream home, on your existing land.

Learn more about the simple process involved for a knockdown dream build of your own by downloading the Autumn Edition Be Inspired magazine.


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