Meet First Home Buyers Kirsty and Kyle

There has never been a better time to build a new home! We spoke to first home buyers Kirsty and Kyle who recently completed their new home build in Marsden Park, Sydney. They told us a little bit about their journey with Adenbrook Homes Greater Sydney.

“We decided to build our first home rather than buy an already established home as we wanted the freedom to design a home that WE wanted, rather than what someone else wanted.

Being new to property we weren’t quite too sure where to start. We decided to head to the Marsden Park display village to scope out what our options were and what builders we liked and didn’t like.”

So, let’s find out a little bit more about what their Adenbrook Homes experience was like:

“As soon as we entered the display home for Adenbrook Homes we were a little sceptical at first, as we thought based on how beautiful the houses were, that they were way out of our price range. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that there were amazing options for us.

We absolutely adored everyone we came into contact with in Adenbrook Homes. Renee, Elle, and Melissa in the office were always so lovely and helpful throughout the entire experience. We especially loved the colours appointment with Elle, as she really helped us bring the vision we had to life.

Our site supervisor Ben was awesome, we knew our home was in amazing hands when we learned how friendly and knowledgeable he was.”

To finish off, Kirsty and Kyle have some excellent advice for people starting their journey.

“Our advice to people looking to build would be to look at reviews for all builders and to head to a display village to sit down and talk to them about what they are all about.

We would recommend Adenbrook Homes over and over again. We’ve lost count with how many times we’ve recommended them already! If you’re looking for quality, affordability and a team that is dedicated to bringing your dreams to life, Adenbrook Homes is your builder.”

If you are thinking about building, now could not be a better time.  Contact us to discuss your dream home build and work with the big brand and local builder.


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