Ready for your next solo step!

The chickens have flown the coop and you are ready for your next solo step!

The latest housing income and labour dynamics data demonstrates that young adults are staying in the family home longer than ever before, with over 50% of young Aussies staying at home up to the age of 29. Regardless of this trend, there comes a time in every parents’ life (albeit a little later) that the chickens finally fly the coop and they are free to enjoy whatever the future may hold within the empty nest.

Picture this, you are sitting in the kitchen bench enjoying a cuppa and cake when suddenly you notice that you cannot hear anything. Nothing. There isn’t anything wrong with your actual hearing, rather it is the fact that there are no teenagers yelling across the house, the video games and television have been silenced and the sound of the microwave has not been heard in days. You find yourself with the world at your feet and nobody to consider but yourself, it is suddenly your time to shine.

There has never been a time to re-evaluate your wants and needs and create a lifestyle that will suit you for years to come. You are no longer tied down to being close to schools or university instead you can consider your proximity to the golf club, the shops or the craft club. You could finally make that tree change or sea change you have dreamt of a reality, there is nothing stopping you.

Forget about dragging yourself up the stairs several times a day, or plucking up the energy to mow the oversized lawn or even mopping the entire lower level. Now you can downsize your home to an award-winning design from Adenbrook Homes, opting for a low maintenance home that boasts your very own colour selections and is the epitome of your own style and taste.

Work with the Adenbrook Homes team to start planning your ideal empty nest and make sure your golden years are exactly what you have worked so hard to achieve. Downsize from the large family home and get comfortable in more compact dwelling that will allow you to pursue your own interests and make your life easy, now and into retirement!



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