you have never had
more time to plan your dream home

Delaying your plans to build now will prolong your plans for longer than you may imagine. The administration process associated with building your dream home is complex and detailed and waiting for the situation to change will put you in a ‘builder backlog’ of work when businesses resume as normal, further delaying your dreams becoming a reality.

We do understand the financial commitment that comes with building a new home and it seems like now is not a time to be spending and that is why the Adenbrook Homes team are going to support your new home journey with NOTHING TO PAY UPFRONT and an opportunity to lock in pricing. We want to get you started, work with you on your custom build program, guide you through the experience and ensure you only pay for what you need as you progress through the process.

Use this extra time due to social distancing to research, plan, seek inspiration and prepare to build your ideal haven. You can view our display home videos, or virtual tours, compare our home designs, take a peek at our house and land packages and connect with the team that cares about making your dream a reality.

Let’s work together on your tailored build program and get the ball rolling and get your new home journey started without the financial stress and strain, all while keeping you out of the ‘builder backlog’ when normal life resumes. We can get you to a stage in the process that will have you ready to flick the switch when you are ready!

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