With a distinct focus on innovation and evolving, Adenbrook Homes are set to continue to raise the benchmark in the new home building industry. 

Adenbrook Homes was originally founded in 2001, remodelled in 2013 and has been building quality, award-winning homes across Australia’s East Coast for almost two decades. We provide new home buyers the opportunity to work with a trusted and reliable local builder and their team of experts, while enjoying the perks, support and expertise that you come to expect from a well-established building brand.

The big brand, local builder concept ensures our clients have direct access to a qualified local builder making communication simple and guarantees that individual needs are understood and that quality control processes are faultless. The big brand then enhances these benefits by providing exceptional buying power, sourcing the best materials from the most trusted brands available and developing flexible home designs that continue to win national building awards year on year.

Our structure allows our passionate local builders to be free to focus solely on delivering the best builds for their clients while our big brands centralised support network is working behind the scenes to deliver unrivalled customer service, continual product development and quality control mechanisms that are second to none.

Our commitment to our customers past, present and future is to continue to evolve and innovate, to provide outstanding value for money and a stress-free building experience and we can do this by maximising the power of the collaboration between a big brand and local builder.



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