We all know there are builders out there that offer a quick, short, sharp guaranteed build time, but at Adenbrook Homes we do not compromise quality for a quick turnaround. We would rather spend the time to get your home right, ensure the quality remains a focus and that your home is built to last. While we certainly do not dawdle or potter around our builds, we understand your homes is likely one of the largest assets you will purchase in your lifetime and we feel no need to rush the process and risk the outcome.

With that in mind, the current building industry is certainly being pushed to the limit and there will inevitably be delays that our outside of our control. The supply shortages for building products like timber, trusses, gutters, roof tiles, PVC, appliances alongside a shortage of trades to complete the work are certainly going to prove challenging. Add in seasonal wet weather to the mix and we understand we are facing challenges that we will overcome as quickly as possible to ensure build times are managed effectively.

Housing Industry Association, Chief Economist Tim Reardon has acknowledged that the record level of demand for building materials, as well as constraints placed due to COVID, restrictions on global freight and shipping containers and on global demand for materials particularly timber will definitely place constraints on the housing market in Australia. *

The HIA actually forecast that there will be 130,000 new homes being built across the country this year, which is up from the previous peak of 120,000 in 2017.* This spike undoubtedly off the back of the HomeBuilder Scheme delivered by the Federal Government as an incentive to maintain the construction industry activity during COVID-19.

Additionally to the incredible demand levels, Australia has experienced natural disasters that are also impacting the industry including bushfires that damaged plantations of timber when in fact Australia relies on producing 80% of timber demand in Australia while only importing 20%. This will obviously be challenging without local supply and slowed distribution networks. Natural disasters have also impacted the availability of trades with bushfires and floods increasing demand on home repairs while South East Queensland have an extreme shortage of roofers due to the hailstorms that swept through the region including hardest hit Springfield Lakes in October 2020.

These are all factors that are outside of the control of your builder, however at Adenbrook Homes, we have outstanding reputable suppliers and trades teams that will do their best to overcome shortages and ensure we are looked after to the highest level possible, perpetuating the value of the big brand associated with the local builder that makes up one of the cornerstones of Adenbrook Homes.

Our local teams are fully trained to effectively schedule each build to maximise productivity on site and to coordinate effective delivery of building products throughout the process. The communication from our local team members is aimed to provide you with peace of mind during your build and to ensure you that you are getting the best quality build in the fastest time possible, even if there are some delays.

We cannot control the weather, the supply chains the availability of trades, but we can work with you to keep you informed and we can work with our suppliers and trades to ensure your home remains a priority. The bright side to anticipated build delays is that you are in good hands, you have time to plan ahead knowing that the impact is being felt globally and that you have the support of a big brand and your local builder.

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